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The Om ashram is a charitable trust, 

The Om ashram is located in Dal Lake, a dynamic international Place of spiritual seekers in Dharamshala, about 18 km Dharamshala Airport {HP}. The Dal Lake here is surrounded by mountains on Front, Of the Himalayas.

Durgeswar Mahadev Temple (“Sadhana Place of the Durvasa Rishi”) is an ideal location for your Om Ashram Yoga Ashram is on a headland above the banks of the Water fall, where the wind and all the prana carried from the Himalayas invigorate the area.

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About Ashram


—Ashram Established in 2014

—Building near Dal Lake in McLeodGanj

—Studio in McLeodGanj  since 2002

—Founded by Yogi Rashpal and Reeta Ji

—Ashram  Trust Deed registered with Himachal Pradesh Government


—The vision for the ashram is to create a comfortable, nurturing sanctuary for spiritual seekers

—They will have peaceful residence, clean food and water, and guidance for their yogic journey.

—The ashram also promotes,Reiki Healing and Kundalini

—Practice all aspects of the diverse tradition of yoga: satkarma, asana, pranayama, Vedic mantra, kiirtan, and meditation, as well as to contemplate various traditions in yoga philosophy: Vedanta, Tantra, Samkhya and Classical Yoga



—DR. Rashpal ji And —Reeta Ji


Future Plans


Existing 5 rooms and 5 bathrooms, kitchen on Ground floor —Yoga hall in first floor —Roof available for constructing walls and furnishing for 5 rooms —2nd floor construction planned after first floor complete —Retaining wall needed next to the waterfall behind ashram And

Construct  Vedic style huts next to water fall


Funding Requirement


3 lacs per room + bathroom

—3 lacs for retaining wall

—50 thousand for each hut

—10 lacs for 2nd floor constuction (yoga hall, temple etc)


Benefit for Donor


Lifetime Membership : 3 lacs

—Facility to stay 15 days in the ashram every year, including meals, yoga and meditation classes

—Platinum member : 1.5 lacs

—Facility to stay 10 days in the ashram every year for 15 years including meals, yoga and meditation classes

—Gold Member : 60 thousand

—Facility to stay 5 days in the ashram every year for 10 years, including meals, yoga and meditation classes

—Silver Member : 30 thousand

—Facility for yoga and meditation classes for free in the studio for 10 days per year for 10 years


—Residential premises offered to spiritual seekers

—Daily Worship and Yoga and meditation classes for residents








       Welcome    Yoga   Lovers 


Om AshRam hosts 200-hour and 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs taught by Dr. Rashpal Yogi. The programs are registered with the Yoga Alliance. For those who would like to deepen their insights into the science of yoga and Ayurveda, as well as pursue teaching certification, this is an ideal opportunity.

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